Oregon, United States of America


So we’re in the states.

We pretty much carry on where we left off in B.C, with beer, coffee, trees and ink everywhere we go, only this time BEER is definitely the top choice!

When this trip was in the planning, Washington and Oregon were the top choices for the USA. Steve’s well worn collection of National Geographic magazines over the years had singled out these two states as being a bit different from the rest of the country and the opportunity to visit, meant that we could  now see what all the fuss was about.

Time, but mainly the budget, meant that Washington state was only very briefly visited, however we had three brilliant weeks in Oregon. One week in Portland, One week on the coast and a week inland travelling back up to Portland.

Portland aka, PDX, Stumptown, Rose City, the list goes on……. Much like Vancouver, but when we were in town hotter……much hotter!!!

We had packed the rain jackets and the odd jumper in anticipation of using them straight out of the blocks. Well that didn’t happen in B.C and it sure wasn’t happening in Portland. It turned out to be the hottest week for a long time, with the temperature averaging 95F during the day. So we settled and sweated it out in some great accommodation, minus the air con. Quality.

We stayed in both the SW and NW area of Portland, Hawthorne and Alberta respectively. Both were great area’s, loads of parks, quirky shops and the standard collection of quality coffee shops and watering holes. Portland does beer like no other place. More brewery’s than any other city in the world apparently.

Food carts and Mexican fare cannot go unmentioned! If your after a fried egg sandwich, take yourself down to Hawthorne blvd. You won’t be disappointed!

The cities water fountains were much needed in the heat and free fun for all……….Well not for poor old Betty. Minding her own business playing in the timid waters of the waterfront fountain, she was blown over sideways as the fountain suddenly turned into a mini Multnomah falls, with daddy sprinting in to grab her, much to the amusement of everyone else. Well at least that was the shower done for the day.

Portland likes:

  • Stumptown coffee cold brew. Straight from the carton, who knew!?
  • Powell’s bookstore. Yes its as good as they say! Just take the little one there.
  • Salt and Straw – Amazing ice cream, ridiculous flavours.
  • Tasty & Sons. Best brunch for miles.
  • Portland Timbers – Oregon soccer, British style.


Egg Banjo's. Portland style.
Egg Banjo’s. Portland style.
Now where is the hash tag!?
Now where is the hash tag!?
Alberta street art.
Alberta street art.
Safe to say, Betty likes doughnuts.
Safe to say, Betty likes doughnuts.
Downtown street art
Downtown street art.
Trying the new 'Cozzy' out in the park
Trying the new ‘Cozzy’ out in the park.


After the heat of Portland, we travelled over the hills and onto the Pacific coast, starting off at the mouth of the Columbia river in the port city of Astoria. The highlight of which was driving down Sunset Beach in our rental car, actually on the beach!

Cannon beach was a great place to catch the Sunset and nearby Ecola Beach state park was beautiful. The view from the picnic area  down the coast could have kept us there all day. What a great place.

4th July was spent in the cute little town of Yachats further down the coast. The La De Da parade included most of the towns residents dressing up and prancing around with umbrellas, followed swiftly by the best duck race on the coast with 57 prizes!!!!!

Betty’s first four word sentence came at Crater Lake. ‘I see a boat’, believe it or not she actually did. There was some kind of tour boat down in the crater! The weather changed slightly at Crater lake. Within the space of 90 minutes on the day we arrived the temperature dropped from 95F to 38F with a massive hail shower thrown in for good measure! Anyway it all cleared up within minutes of leaving the crater and we had a brilliant night with our camping buddies and experienced our first smores – yummy but definitely better with dairy milk!!

The last few days were spent between Bend and Mount Hood. Bend was like a mini Portland in the mountains and we stayed at a great AirBnB home – thanks Lura and Roman the dog.

Oregon exceeded expectation and if your thinking of a trip to the states, seriously consider it. Everyone should visit this state. Thank you.

Oregon likes:

  • Sea Lion Caves
  • Bandon beach rock pools, star fish the size of your head
  • Sleeping in yurts in state parks
  • Kite surfers in Hood River
  • Bonneville Lock and Dam on Columbia river gorge, watching the salmon swim up the ladders


Where next Betty!?
Where next Betty!?
Cannon Beach sunset
Cannon Beach sunset.
Come on stop slacking!
Come on stop slacking!
Check out the star fish. Bandon
Check out the star fish. Bandon.
Exploring the cliffs. Ecola state park.
Exploring the cliffs. Ecola state park.
After the hailstorm. Crater lake.
After the hailstorm. Crater lake.
La de da parade. 4th July, Yachats.
La de da parade. 4th July, Yachats.
Trees, near Mt Hood.
Trees, near Mt Hood.
Mount Hood. Oregon
Mount Hood. Oregon




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10 thoughts on “Oregon, United States of America

  1. Smashing newsy blog – is Betty writing it now she’s found the keyboard!! We knew football would appear at some point but it’s taken a while. Portland Timber must be good they beat Newcastle United the other night. Your photos amazing keep them coming especially Betty , beaches & sunsets

  2. Wow!
    Looks like you’re having a great time…
    Photos are amazing.
    Betty looks beautiful and her hair has got more curly.

  3. Keep up the blog, brilliant to read. You look like you are having a great time but we are missing you and Betty xxx love Katie and annabel x

  4. Love the photos, love the dialogue, love that you guys are enjoying yourselves so much and love that Betty loves doughnuts! I think I’d love one too! Xx

  5. Great write up, guys! We just found your blog via Instagram, and are lucky enough to call PDX home when we aren’t on the road. We’ll look forward to following along with your adventures. Please let us know if you make it back to Oregon- we love meeting up with fellow adventurers!

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