California, United States of America

After Oregon, California had a lot to live up to.

People in Oregon joke that there’s as many Californian’s in their state as Oregonians, but one thing that the  locals did say, was that Yosemite was ‘pretty neat’, and that my friends is the main reason for our visit to the Golden state.

First Stop though was Monterey. A cute seaside resort with the most incredible Aquarium in the world. Built around the worlds first cultivated kelp forest was this exciting underwater world. We spent the day there and could have spent longer. Honestly, I think we enjoyed it more than Bet!

Whale watching trips were similar to those in Tofino B.C. However prices were slightly different…..please, dont ask!

The original plan was to rent an RV, however last minutes changes meant we ‘tented’ it instead. As camping trips go, it was a pretty special place for Bet’s first one, and she loved it!! She slept like a dream – better than anywhere we had stayed so far. I think in the end not having an RV turned out to be a great move.

After meeting Yitzhak , Jen and the girls en route to mirror lake, we took a swerve and following their advice and climbed up to Vernal fall. Great views from the top. We also took their recommendation to trek from Taft Point to Sentinal Dome, WOW! Thank you.

We managed to have a couple of days in and around the valley and also took in Hetch Hetchy and Touloumne Meadows. Photos cannot do this place justice! YoseMIGHTY will definitely see us visiting again.

Word of warning if your planing on camping in Yosemite in the summer book as far in advance as possible. We managed to get tent pitches within the park boundaries but more out of luck than anything else.


Whale watching with mummy. Monterey Bay Aquarium.
Jellyfish. Monterey Bay Aquarium.
El Capitan. Yosemite Valley.
Rainbow at Vernal Fall. Yosemite.
Betty and Nay having some giggles. Merced river.
Tonya lake. Yosemite
The three of us! Sentinel dome after a long hike. Hats off to Nay.
Tuolumne Grove. Yosemite


After peaceful beautiful Yosemite we were propelled into Pier 39, San francisco on a Saturday night in July. Senses overload!! It was hunger and recommendations of ‘In n Out Burger’, California’s version of a fast food burger joint that lead us there. Not the wisest move we have ever made but the burger hit the spot.

San Francisco wasn’t all that, we didn’t really give it much chance but then coming from Yosemite for us it was asking a lot.

Overall ‘The States’ exceeded expectation. It felt and cost more like a holiday than travelling. We covered over 2000 miles in our hire car and met some really decent, friendly people along the way who loved Betty.

By far the two most popular lines were ‘Your daughter in adorable’ and ‘I love your accent are you Australian?’.

Strewth mate we’re English.


Golden Gate bridge. San Francisco.
Cable car. Powell Street, San Francisco
Nay’s arm casting the world’s longest shadow!!!



  • El Capitan – Awesome
  • Crane Flats campground – First night under canvas for our family, and Nay found her glasses there 2 days later!
  • Jim’s french dip sandwich, Rosine’s, Moneterey – Honestly the BEST sandwich in the world……Ever
  • Degnan’s Turkey sandwich – For the valley cheap and good, but not a Rosine’s!!
  • Chrysler 200 hire car – mid size for the states, massive for the UK
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium – Guest passes are always a bonus when you don’t have to queue, but we would have happily queued around the block to see this place.


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  1. Fabulous photos! You are all looking great. Love reading your blog and looking forward to the next one! Much love xxx

  2. Looks like you’re all having an incredible time. Glad you liked Yosemite – I, too, thought it was a very special place. Lovely photos, lovely quips! Look forward to reading your next posts. Alison x

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