And then there was three……..

Talking of the ‘Little un’. It was the 24th September 2013 on a sunny afternoon in St Albans and Betty arrived into this world! (In a pool in our conservatory)

We wondered if our new family would put an end to our wandering?…………But we thought maybe we’d just try a little trip somewhere close. So a bit of planning later and with Betty 3½ months into life, we were on the Eurostar to Amsterdam.

The late night table for 2 had gone. It had been replaced by take away pizza, but we were on the road again. Betty was none the wiser. As far as she was concerned she was with us so it didn’t matter.


Nay and Betty, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam went well. No nightmare stories to talk about. Maybe we got lucky.

Some said ‘Brave’, some said ‘Stupid’, but at 8 months we went to Singapore and Bali. Great trip.

Singapore was great for the parks, plants and Air Con (COLDNESS!!!).

Bali was just great full stop. Havana airport aside, Bali’s airport was probably the mentalist airport we’ve been to (and the list is fairly big). Betty didn’t know it,but having her possibly saved us 3hrs in a cue. It was all good from there on in.


Betty, Ubud, Bali



Nay and Betty, Canggu, Bali


That was getting on for a year ago and we’ve not been abroad since. Pennies to save and work to do, but we did squeeze in a couple of weekend trips ‘Up North’ to visit family and friends again. Yorkshire and the Lake district. Proper places.

Hampsfell, Lake District, Cumbria


Tarn Hows, Lake District, Cumbria


Langdale, Lake District, Cumbria


Windermere, lake District, Cumbria


North Bay, Scarborough, North Yorkshire


9th June 2015 is the off date. First stop Vancouver, B.C.

The rough plan is a few weeks in British Columbia and Oregon, before a flight from San francisco to Nicaragua. It’s a bit off the cuff at the minute, however we’re flying out of Panama City to Colombia 5 weeks later. A month in Colombia is hotly followed by nearly 3 months in Argentina before a reunion with Santiago, Chile. Visiting family in Oz for Christmas and New year, then who knows! Its more than likely we will head to South East Asia somewhere, with the Philippines looking favourite as the next stop.

If anybody has any tips for things to entertain Betty along the way, then please feel free to get in touch!


4 thoughts on “And then there was three……..

  1. We can’t wait to hear more tales from around the world & seeing more amazing photos. Hope you all have fun XXX

  2. Im so happy and fortune for know you…im glad for chared whit you betty beatifull! Say hallo from colombia ! Big hug parents … The live its a travel and so just enjoy

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