At first there were two……..


Santiago, Chile 2005: Minibus to Pichilemu: 1 girl traveling with 3 gals: 1 guy kippin’ on a rucksack at the back of the bus: 5 countries, 4 months and 1 reunion in the UK. 9 years later, there had been a wedding, a baby and a slowly dwindling mortgage……….But that old travel bug was still in the system.


Him, Jaipur, India
Her, Gozo, Malta












The problem was, what to do about it?

It was during the world cup in Brazil, sometime in June 2014, at home watching a match, when she, not him, brought up the idea of possibly taking……………ANOTHER year away.

“He” was called Steve and “she” was called Naomi. “He” was from Yorkshire and “she” was from Liverpool. Home was St Albans and work was London. The more that he thought about this idea the more it seemed like it could be possible. Guide books were consulted and over the next few months, countless hours on t’internet followed. It became a reality in early February when flights were booked to Vancouver, Canada.

Thats basically where we are today. Obviously missing some gaps!! We love to travel and some would say escape the ‘real world’ even if only for a few weeks at a time. We’ve both been fortunate to have been able to travel together in the years since we met on that minibus in Chile back in 2005. Between us, we’ve been to maybe 60-70 countries, some of which we will be re-visiting, but we’ll try and visit different parts. The difference this time is that the ‘Little un’ is going to be with us………… and that’s a bit of a difference!!


Anyway, we wanted to write some sort of blog, mainly for family and friends but also anyone else, who wants to follow this trip from time to time and see where it goes. We’ll look at giving tips, where we can, about the places we visit, to try and help others, hopefully doing something similar.


We both can’t wait to travel again and get into the ‘zone’, but above that just spend time with the ‘little un’ and as a family together where ever we end up ♥


Some of the gaps from 2005:

Balloon, Bagan, Burma


Volcan San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


Fishermen, Lake Inle, Burma


Che, Havana, Cuba


Chess, Budapest, Hungary


Turtles, Puerto Escondido, Mexico


Walkway, Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia


The ‘Monastery’, Petra, Jordan


Balloning, Cappadocia, Turkey


Home, St Albans, England

7 thoughts on “At first there were two……..

  1. What a amazing way to share your travels! Can’t wait to see and read all your updates! Good luck guys on your amazing journey! love the other jacques’s xxxxxxxx

  2. Amazing photos and a fantastic start to a lovely family blog. You guys will always have this to look back on and for everyone else we can follow you on your journey. looking forward to more blogs and twitter updates

  3. Hi Naomi and Steve,

    Stuck in rainy old UK. Envious!!! Look forward to keeping up with your adventures.xx

  4. We loved our chats with you! And have been thinking about your lives and the way you are living them. Home safely. You are off on more adventures. Will check your blog again. Btw love the beautiful, beautiful photos! Jen
    Hi. Great great meeting on snug Yosemite bus and then hiking Vernal. Looking forward to update. Recall, Su Casa-Isla Mujeres, close on Cancun. Affordable relatively. On beach. Great meeting. yitz

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