Managua the capital and port of entry. Well to be fair there’s not a lot to keep you there, so we’ll move onto the Corn islands.

Little Corn Island

Well that was a journey and a half getting there! A Cessna turbo prop from Managua to Big corn island, then a Small motor boat (Panga) to Little Corn, followed by a short hike through the jungle to the other side of the island. There were plenty of horror stories of the panga ride from people we met over the following two weeks though. Looks like we got lucky.

Little Corn is a proper ‘Little’ Caribbean island, everything’s on ‘Nica time’. No roads, just bicycles and the odd donkey. The Panga is the only way in or out and it keeps the place feeling a little special. We had 4 days not doing much, but Bet had some play mates in the form of the ‘frenchies’. A nice French family from Normandy. If your reading this, enjoy your travelling, it was nice to meet you all!

The snorkelling on Little Corn is well worth it. A healthy reef and no one there.


Momotombo Volcano, Lago de Managua
'Hammock time', Little Corn
‘Hammock Time’, Little Corn island
I think Bet must have the remote?, Little corn island
I think Bet must have the remote?, Little corn island


Next stop was the old colonial city of Granada.

If you have ever been to Antigua in Guatemala, you could be forgiven for thinking you had taken the wrong turn and had been transported back there. If ever places have twins, then these are the two.

Granada is a great place to base yourself, as a lot of the central sites in Nicaragua are in striking distance. We took in Masaya volcano, one of the most accessible volcanoes in the world (you can actually drive up to the crater rim) and Lago de Apoyo, which is a great backpacker place to while away an afternoon, just 20 mins from Granada.

We’d read about the food not being up to much in Nicaragua, but Granada is the place to dispel those rumours. There’s a lot of decent expat places, but without doubt the winner was the local street food ‘fritanga’! Little old ladies running cheap and delicious BBQ’s on street corners, mostly on a weekend. You can’t go wrong.


Old school toys are the best!, Granada
Iglesia La Merced, Granada
Iglesia La Merced, Granada
Girls will be girls! Granada
Girls will be girls! Granada
The rains coming, Masaya
The rains coming, Masaya
Say Cheese!, Laguna de Apoyo
Bet wanting to get in on the ‘selfie’ action, Laguna de Apoyo
Mummy, i thought daddy could swim?
A 'smoking' Masaya volcano, Masaya
A ‘smoking’ Masaya volcano, Masaya

En route from Granada to the pacific coast we spent a few nights in Isla De Ometepe, which is a jungle covered Island with two volcano’s. One alive and one not. It’s also the largest lake in Central America. Relaxing is the name of the game.

San Juan Del Sur was the last stop and the first ‘backpacking’ town we’ve encountered. Lots of travellers around and a nice feel to it. Four nights here, saw us witness some great sunsets and bump into friends from Granada, not to mention the ‘Crab’ incident. We’ll save that one for a rainy day.

SJDS is a place where you can easily spend a few extra days, but we have places to go, so needed to move on. It’s also home to ‘Sunday Funday’, which we’ve heard from people around, is a full on drink up, similar in fashion to the Full Moon parties over on Koh Phangan.

Wow those days seem a long time ago………Don’t miss them one bit.

Next stop Costa Rica……


Beach time, San Juan Del Sur
Beach time, San Juan Del Sur
Sunset, San Juan Del Sur
Sunset, San Juan Del Sur

Likes –

  • Miss Margrits guest house, Granada – Really nice place to stay, felt at home and were sad to leave
  • Tour of las Isletas – Vladimir, great guide! Can you believe he is Nica!?
  • Gallo Pinto (rice and beans) – Bettys favorite
  • Cheap public transport –  Two buses, a ferry and food for the three of us for £4!
  • Butterflies – Loads of different types, everywhere!
  • Hammocks in the wind – Isla de Ometepe


Most used phrases –

  • ARRRGH!!! This bag!
  • Have you seen my wallet?
  • she’s gonna be a comedian this one!
  • I’m glad it was a crab!

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  1. great tales and super shots again – please keep these coming but cut the suspense – were anxious enough without those additions !!!

  2. Soooooo inspiring!!!! And incredible to see you three living the dream you created. Talk about taking life by the balls and squeezing the life out of it. I can’t stop smiling!!! Sending all three of you a MASSIVE hug, love always Sharyn

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